Phase Reverse

Bypassed: Has no effect on the signal.

Engaged: The left (or mono) signal will be polarity reversed.

When you want to introduce a phase (polarity) reversal it is cumbersome to insert an EQ, engage the phase switch, confirm that the remaining settings aren’t effecting your audio signal path, and close the plug-in’s GUI. Then, in a clear violation of the KISS principle, this ‘phase reverse’ is forever labeled as EQ. How clear is that? A phase reversal is now just a click away – and properly labeled, so weeks from now you’ll know why it’s in your channel path. After it becomes a mainstay in your workflow, you won’t remember how you survived without it.

Usage Notes:
This plug-in has no parameters. You should keep its GUI hidden and toggle the bypass using the DAW’s native interface.

Current Version: [php_everywhere arg=”phase”]