App interface showing ‘task bar’ docking.

App ‘Options’ Dialog showing typical Atmos routing.

Monitor-16×16 is a virtual monitor controller, providing individual mute, solo, and bass management control for up to 16 channels. Typically used while feeding a 7.1.4 (11.1) Atmos signal to your A/V receiver or sound-bar. The stand-alone app requires a 16-output sound card (such as Audinate DVS) and a 16-channel core audio bus (such as Dolby Audio Bridge), Monterey Required. Logic 10.7.x required for use of the AU.

Usage Notes:
Mute, Solo, and Bass Management can be ‘grouped’ and selected channels can be enabled/disabled simultaneously. For example, you can select all the overhead channels for soloing, then disable the solo group to return to normal playback – then enable the solo group to hear just the 4 overheads.

Current Version: [php_everywhere arg=”monitor16″] MacOS only


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