Monitor Controller Package

Monitor Controller Package
WARNING: Improper use could result in LOUD signals.

Includes these 5 plug-ins, which communicate with one another in the background to create a virtual monitor controller:

An external analog monitor controller is an often pricey yet handy thing to have, especially if you have more than one pair of monitors. While you’re saving your pennies, try taking our virtual monitor controller for a spin. Warning: if these plug-ins are providing gain reduction ( thus making your monitors quieter ) and you delete or bypass them, then there will NOT be any gain reduction ( thus your monitors will get louder ). TURN YOUR MONITORS DOWN if you are going to bypass or remove one of these plug-ins from your signal path.

Usage Notes:

Suggested Setup: Use any number of AUDIO faders to feed your mix bus (in this example ‘Bus 1-2’). Use one MASTER fader to control you mix. Use AUX faders to add paths to the hardware outputs connected to your amps/monitors (in this example there are three sets of monitors – A B & C). Add one AUX fader for your control room talk-back back mic & feed this to your cue mix (in this example Bus 3-4).

Tech note: Aux faders 1, 2, & 3 can be used to offset gain differences between your monitors.