SOAR ( SOme Assembly Required )

Improve your aural skills with the SOAR plug-in system.

Emphasis: Mixing
Available Processing: Varies ( more info… )
Level of Difficulty: Easy to Hard
Windows: 32-bit VST & 64-bit AAX, VST, and VST3
Mac: OS 10.9 or newer, Pro Tools 10 or newer

Reverse engineering a mix mentally, imagining the individual elements used to construct it, is key to being able to isolate and identify problem areas or make improvements. The SOAR system challenges you to listen like a real mix engineer. Soon, you’ll be hearing what the pros hear.

Screen Shots

Screen Shot Preview 1

Up to 8 slaves process individual tracks while a single master determines which slave is currently active.

Screen Shot Preview 2


Determine which track is getting altered by a slave process.
Which track sounds different ?

Determine which process is being used to alter a slave track.
Which effect is causing a track to sound different ?