Example Use: Make your own mini-monitor section in your DAW.

Are these plug-ins really FREE ? ¬†Well, yes – and – no…

Try them for free, for as long as you like…¬†PWYW stands for pay what you want. So, if one of these plug-ins helps you work faster, make better decisions, or create a better end product – then you should pony up some dough ($). Otherwise, karma’s a b!+@&. You know – cosmic balance, harmony, yin/yang and all that jazz… Somewhere, in a deep crevice in the back of your mind, you will be aware that you are benefiting from someone else’s hard work but aren’t holding up your end of the bargain by providing something in return. You can’t keep making withdrawals from your karmic bank account, over and over and over, without making a deposit now and then. Therefore, it is my duty as a citizen of the planet to accept your dough ($), thus restoring balance to the universe and bringing your karma back into balance. The most I’ll ask of you is $9.99, but you can pay more if your karma demands it.

Plug-ins for your monitor path:
Should probably be inserted between a mix bus and your hardware outputs.

Plug-ins for mono channels:

Plug-ins for stereo channels:

Virtual control room monitor plug-in package, includes: