Improve Your Listening Skills

Improve your aural skills using our ‘audio unit’ plug-in.

Emphasis: Core – EQ – Gain – Delay
Unit of Measurment: Varies
Level of Difficulty: Easy to Hard

64-bit DAW & OS X 10.8+:
Our most popular Auricula plug-ins found in one place.
From $14.99
– Unfortunately, not compatible with 32-bit hosts.
– Sorry, no demo available yet…

Screen Shots

Fig. 1 Home

The home page contains helpful hints and has a built in quick-start guide.

Fig. 2 Drill Selection

Goals and listening topics are determined by documents that ultimately control the plug-in’s settings. These are selected here. Periodically, drills are updated and can be downloaded from our web site. The plug-in comes with a companion app for creating your own drills as well.

Fig. 3 Quiz

You’ll spend the most time here. While you listen, sonic properties will be altered and you will have to determine what changed or possibly even how much.

Fig. 4 Solo

An example of forcing the plug-in to add ‘hiss’ to the signal. This gives you the ability to audition effects.

Fig. 5 Mute

An example of removing ‘swap channels’ from a quiz. This gives you the ability to simplify a quiz by limiting the possible correct answers.

Fig. 6 Mixer

Fig. 7 Popup Menu

The popup menu controls whether or how often the audio effect is audible. This allows you to automatically switch between altered and unaltered sound which makes identifying certain effects easier.